By: cik na shohaili

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Wednesday, 19-Nov-2008 14:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ a n n o u n c e m e n t & t a g m y s e l f a g a i n ]

salam all,

before i begin, just want all of u to know that the announcement will be at the last part of this entry... read one by one yeah...

i tag myself... again. actually i just give a visit to jasfyra's blog . and the latest entry is also tagging. i am sooooo in love with the tagging thingy lately seem i spent a lot of time with the images, pictures and graphics to finish my yearbook. so, now i really love to spend my time with this kind of wording stuff. typing, copying and yg sewaktu dgnnya.

ana ada utang satu tag dengan maya. mmg terpaksa utang sbb tag maya ni berkenaan dgn workstation. hehehehe... nape ana takleh buat, tunggu... nnt cite ek.

so, to jasfyra, ana copy paste your tag, sesaje nak buat ek.. hope everyone leh enjoy!!! (kena ckp lebey kureng cam cite puteri tu) heheheh.. kita enjoy!!!

5 most CRAZIEST things accomplished in your life
1. brenti jadik programmer, mmg gile tapi takde choice
2. shop till i drop
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...

5 words you wish to hear all time
1. "kamu semua diberi cute bergaji selama 3bulan berturut-turut"
2. "yang, jom shopping2"
3. "bu, afi sayangggggg ibu"
4. "baby, i love you"
5. "anda sgt2 bertuah, murah rezeki anda.. anda memenangi hadiah 10juta hengget"

5 things u love in ur room
1. attached almari baju 4pintu+4pintu kecik sampai kat siling
2. attached meje mekap
3. air-cond
4. bathroom
5. mybed+my bedsheets

5 last speech you wish to say in your last breath
1. kalimah syahadah
2."yang, jaga anak2 baik2 ye"
3. "yang, kalo buleh jgn kawen lain ye"
4. "yang, maafkan ana atas segala dosa, salah dan silap. halalkan makan minum. doakan ana ye"
5. "mak, ayah dan semua2 org la.. ampunkan dosa2 saya, halalkan makan minum, utang piutang kalo ada. life must go on but life is short, pray hard. semoga kalian bahagia, doakan yg terbaik untuk saya ye"

5 things u do when get bored
1. makan
2. surfing
3. cook
4. make my hubby miserable
5. psp (coming soon )

5 persons u LOVE MOST
1. myKinG
2. myPrince
3. myFamily + inlaws + nieces + nephews
4. mySiblings
5. mySelf

5 silly things that u dont want people know but u have to let people know
1. ...
2. ...
3. ...
4. ...
5. ...

Choose 1 and tell why:

Shoe or handbag
shoe... in this case, sport's shoe and sandal counted or not?

Lipstick or mascara
lipstick... i dont like to wear any make-up actually

Jeans or skirtJeans
jeans, simple...

Chocolate or ice-cream
ice-cream... can i choose choc ice cream? then, i'll get both

Singapore or Indonesia
indon... mana tau kalo ada rejeki leh jumpa sharul gunawan. hehehehe

Fork or chop stick
fork.. easy

January or Feb
january.. 1st month to start anything in the new year

Abdullah Badawi or Anwar Ibrahim
political issue, should i proceed? i dont think so. maybe, nx time...

hehhehee.. dah setel.

the announcement is:-
this fp maybe slow in updating the pics or anything.. this is because, the owner, which is me tgh bercuti-cuti malaysia. sekolah kan cuti sebulan lebey. so, mungkin macam update tak update je nnt fp ni. tapi, hopefully visitors will keep visiting this fp to see any updating k..

see ya... selamat bercuti sekolah.

Friday, 7-Nov-2008 08:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ i t a g m y s e l f ]

salam all,

hehehehe... the title is " i tag myself". why? sbb kepala otak dah tepu buat editing and designing for ssb yearbook 2008. nak touch up kasik cantek... gambar afi beraya pun leh abih upload lagi sbb ari2 pun tgk gambar2 students and activities sekolah untuk dimuatkan dlm yearbook.

so, bila kepala otak dah tepu, mula la buat keje-keje amal pi melawat blog kengkawan. then i found one tag. mmg menarik tertarik dabom. so, saje2 nak buang masa buat tag ni. untuk kali ni, takde gmbr akan di'upload'. insyaAllah.. coming soon. sekolah pun nak cuti dah ni. kalo ada masa terluang, will upload mcm2 gmbr yg dah berabuk ni.

tag was found @ maya . my kawan sekolah. suka baca and saje teringin nak buang sbb nak ilangkan lemak2 tepu kat kepala otak ni.

maya, ko tak tag aku pun, aku pedulik apa.. aku buat je. hehehehehe...

so all... get ready dgn tag ana ni ek... heheheheh suka hati ku... lalalalalalal

Start time : 4.15pm [arini sekolah halfday, jumaat kan... tapi stayback la chekgu yg nak wat yearbook ni]
Name : Cik Na
Sisters : 1 [1year9months older than me]
Brothers : 2 [ also older than me because i'm the youngest in family]
Shoe size : 7 or 8 depends
Height : 159cm
Where do you live : a small apartment near damansara
Have you ever been on a plane : yup!
Swam in the ocean : i dont know how to swim... [takut actually]
Fallen asleep at school : never!
Broken someone’s heart : yup... have to. not my intention at all. [let bygone be bygone]
Fell off your chair : never. alhamdulillah
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : not all night long la.. never stay up to talk on the phone. feel sleepy
Saved e-mails : myKinG's, islamic, advices, motivations, mySibLinG's
What is your room like : romance concept
What’s right beside you: right now? i got last year's yearbook, 10pieces of muffins [students gave me because today got co-curiculum day @ ssb], junk foods, coke, pen
What is the last thing you ate : muffin
Chicken pox : cant remember
Sore throat : yup, since last week
Stitches : 4-5 stitches while i am @ 1 year old
Broken nose : nope
Do you Believe in love at first sight : yup
Like picnics : depends... rather go for a trip to any islands..

Who was/were…
The last person you danced with : hanafi, last night with the song "tanya sama pokok...." sang by me.
Last made you smile : myKinG
You last yelled at : my students "hey... u got a lot of muffins left, why dont u give u a few" heheheheh

Today did you…
Smile to someone you like : yup.. i did it every single day
Kissed anyone : yup... myKinG and afi
Sick : not really, quite tired only
Talk to an ex : long time ago
Miss someone : my ex... hahahhahahaah.... [refer to the previous Q]
Who do you really hate: why must i care who i do really hate?
Do you like your hand-writing : of course, its a gift
Are your toe nails painted : never
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : myParents
What color shirt are you wearing now : Striking green. shirt by kelab kebajikan ssb
Are you a friendly person : yes i am. all the time
Do you have any pets : nope
Do you sleep with the TV on : nope
What are you doing right now : finishing this Qs to make myself and my brain go to the normal temperature
Can you handle the truth : depends but for whatever it is, we have to...
Are you closer to your mother or father : myMom
Do you eat healthy : i just eat the twisties, its not healthy but its yummy!
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : never kept my ex's pic with me. i dont have any. dont really like to keep it even during our bunga2 chenta season.
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: myKinG and myMom
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud and clear
Are you confident : confident at all... with the help from mr hubby

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. study for dip
2. study for advance dip
3. study fo degree
4. engaged automatically breakup with my ex
5. married

5 things I would do if i were a billionaire:
1. invest
2. business
3. invest
4. trip to any places
5. spend to the whole family in term of cash or/and buy something for them

5 of my bad habits:
1. bila dtg rasa malas, maka malas la jadinye
2. pakai tudung mesti sampai betul2 jadik. selagi takjadik, myKinG akan lmbt pi keje
3. suka tangguh2 lipat baju
4. bila dtg rasa nak makan... leh makan apa je...
5. kadang2 gurau terlebey

5 places I’ve lived/living:
1. gombak, selangor
2. permin jaya, terengganu
3. jln pantai endah, bangsar
4. aman puri, wangsa permai
5. kipark, damansara

7 people I tag:
-- no one to tag because i tag myself. tapi kalo sesape nak buat, buat la.. dah siap gtahu. leh kita lawat dan melawati blog or fp sesama kita ek--

finish at:
4.46pm[gila efisien... 1/2jam je... ok laaa... hehehehhe ]

best best bestt.... bye all.. nnt ann will upload gmbr.


Friday, 31-Oct-2008 02:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ h a n a f i t u r n s 2 ]

mende elmo ek atas kek tu?
afi dgn kek pilihannye... sib baik sedap..
View all 5 photos...
salam all,

hi... its all about afi's 2nd birthday on 28th oct. dah besar afi dah. dah makin pandai. alhamdulillah. tapi entry ni lmbt mcm siput sikit. ana bz. budak2 baru abih final exam. cuti deepavali sampai rabu. so, mmg tak bertenet. majlis harijadi afi untuk tahun ni rasa2nye mmg takdapat nak dibuat. ana and myKinG dah plan baiikkkk punyaaa... tapi memandangkan ana bz je sabtu ahad, so mmg tahun ni nye open house and birthday bash afi takdapat nak dibuat. kalo postpone lama sgt nak buat majlis arijadi afi, rasanye mcm taksesuai lak. tapi tgk la nnt, ada masa yg sesuai, ana akan buat gak makan2 sikit.

bday afi kali ni agak kelewatan sikit sambutannye. ayah afi pun skrg balik keje lmbt, so kami takdpat nak kuar2 mcm dulu. mmg kena tunggu ujung minggu jugak, tu pun kalo takde event lain. sabtu ni ana ada event kat hotel eQ kl, mmg mcm bz gilest.

entry kali ni, kita tgk gmbr kek afi. ana beli kek ni, afi yg pilih sendiri. tu pun sbb dia suka sgt mende sesame street tu atas kek tu, and coklat ball tu. dia bukan nak makan sgt kek tu. apa ntah nama kawan big bird tu.

sempena afi dah umo 2 tahun ni, ana and myKinG doa kan afi akan jadi anak yg soleh, yg baik dan semoga disenangi semua org. takmo nakal2 ye fi... ibu and ayah love afi so much!

gambar afi with ibu mcm tak semenggah je... so, takleh publish la ek..

Monday, 20-Oct-2008 06:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
[ b e r a y a @ n e g e r i s e m b i l a n ]

ibu and afi dah ready to go!!!
destinasi pertama
dah nak sampai dah
View all 26 photos...
salam all,

entry kali ni, cerita dan gmbr2 afi and the gang pi beraye kat seremban. sedare mare belah ibu lak.. eh... umah pakcik makcik ibu afi ni la.. belah wan afi. mmg ramai sedare mare belah ibu kat seremban ni, tapi tak ter pergi lak umah semua org. ok.. the story begin...

in the 1st place, daddy yg plan nak pi seremban, ana, myKinG and afi sbnrnye byk jemputan openhouse lain. memula maklang pun takmo pi... tapi selepas beberapa dicussion dgn myKinG, we decided ikut daddy pi seremban.. kitorg mmg suka jln ramai2 badik2 ni. meriah plus senang kan..

destinasi seterusnye, umah nenek sedare ana, dekat je dari umah arwah atok nenek ana. pun jap je. pi visit. then otw ke seremban, daddy singgah beli sembilang salai.. sedap ke? taktahu la den.

sampai seremban, destinasi pertama, umah pak mok ana, unfortunately pak mok takde, ke sg.buloh kata nye. takpe la.. takde rezeki nak jumpa. next, umah pak ngah ana. lama gak lepak sini. ayah afi rancak bercerita dgn pakngah pasal salasilah keluarga. then umah pakcik usin... kat umah ni, ayah afi dgn daddy sempat la lena sementara tunggu juadah dihidangkan. pastu ke port dickson. bukan nak mandi2... tapi pi beraye umah pak ucu ana. lama gak lepak sini. pak ucu mmg terer wat capati. ye laa.. kitorg pun mmg keturunan pakistan, arwah atok ajar arwah nenek buat. mak ana pun pandai tapi jarang buat. dah tua2 lak tak larat nak uli. so, umah pak ucu, kami dihidangkan dgn capati. tapi kami dah kekenyangan sgt.. tapi jamah la jugak kan.. ayah and daddy afi makan 2bijik. ibu dgn maklang sebijik je. mmg lembut. sedap... (gmbr pak ucu ana wat capati pun dlm camera maklang, will update sooner)

tamat kisah perjalanan kami ke negeri sembilan. balik singgah umah atok nenek afi @ sgramal.. daddy, mommy, hani dgn maklang beraya dgn diorg. tapi jap je. takleh lama sbb maklang nak balik karak. ok la.. singgah gak ek... kami mmg kekenyangan. alhamdulillah, rezeki Tuhan bagi. aminnn...


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[ g a m b a r r a y e b y m a k l o n g ]

sebelum g beraya, minum dulu...
golek2 depan tv la kalo tak pi jalan2...
suasana dalam umah...
View all 13 photos...
salam all,

entry kali ni all about afi beraya di branang. kampung atok belah ayah afi. ibu seronok gak bila time2 mcm ni berkumpul ramai2. takde la ramai sgt pun, tapi yg penting suasana kampung tu terasa. ye la kan... umah mak ayah ana pun kat tmn perumahan, umah in-laws pun kat perumahan jugak, so... suasana balik kampung tu tak terasa sgt la.. mmg tenang, sejuk je bila balik beranang ni.. mmg syiookkk la.

sepanjang kat beranang, pics was taken by maklong and pak ucu afi. kami ni jadik model je. camera ana tak brapa pakai pun sepanjang kat sana memandangkan kita ada photographer yg pro. thx to maklong and pak ucu afi.

lain2 rasa nye dah cerita kat entry sebelum ni... so, enjoy the pics!


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